The most prestigious High School One Act Play Festival ... celebrating excellence in Dramatic Arts from the best drama departments.


"MALAIKA" - Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng

Previous Winners

2017 "Disruption" - St. Stithians Boys' College

2016 "Eclipsed" - St. Mary's School, Waverly

2015 "Gums and noses" - St. John's College

2014 "A league of Extraordinary Boys" - Randfontein

2013 "Mudlarks and Minedumps" - St. Stithian's Boys' College

2012 "For Coloured Girls" - Crawford Sandton

Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng

The cast and crew of the play, moments after being announced the winners of Feda 2018, proudly hold the winning R10000 cheque. Photo: Supplied

For my closing remarks at the finals of the FEDA Festival I thanked three mothers who sponsored trophies in remembrance of their departed children:

"Denise Goldin , Xenye Pretorius and Susan Petersen ... thank you for the generosity of spirit for the profound way through which you allow us to celebrate our humanity — the arts.

Tonight's final night of the FEDA Festival was a dynamic testimony that through the arts we'll be able to become more conscious of the other and become a more humanized society.

Section 16 of the South African constitution guarantees us Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Creativity; and the participating schools have taken ownership of those Freedoms.

The FEDA festival gives us the Freedom to Experience Democracy Actively.

The four plays staged tonight dealt with difficult subjects about identity, race, privilege, representation and power; and hats off to the students for engaging, challenging, inspiring us and for giving us the opportunity to envision the kind of society we can possibly have.

Hats off to the teachers who have given their students the latitude to talk about the word "dick" in more ways than just as a person's name — a brave indicator of how far our schooling system has evolved .

To Janet Baylis and Pippa Sandilands thank you for giving birth to and carrying the FEDA Festival for the past 13 years; and for each year shaping your awards programme to introduce new categories and new awards that respond to the diversity of creative expression and also to the complexities of our society that is in transformation.

For the past few years both the professional awards systems — the Naledi Theatre Awards and the Fleur du Cap Awards — have been grappling with this same issue; and you have become trendsetters from whom our industry can learn.

Thank you for the passion with which you feed and inspire our industry. Ours is a fragile industry but FEDA offers hope for growing an audience that will help to sustain our industry. Apart from also stimulating the next generation of thespians FEDA is also empowering the next generation of lawyers, accountants and CEO's who will be able to use the art of creativity to negotiate and solve problems in the boardrooms.

It's been an enormous joy to experience the excellent way in which the adjudicators Sylvaine Strike , Craig Morris and Paul Slabolepzy have curated tonight's final night. Not only have they given us four excellent productions but they have also given us a night in which we can experience the diverse and excellent ways through which theatre is created and expressed.

It's also been my pleasure to adjudicate tonight's final night with one of South Africa's leading actors, Hlomla Dandala."

The winning production was Lebone High School's MALAIKA.

The night ended with another act of generosity. Sylvaine Strike has offered to mentor three young directors. What a scoop for the arts!!!

Ismail Mohammed. CEO of market Theatre. At finals.

2019 FEDA Dates - 6 - 25 May

Tickets must be purchased from the Joburg theatre website