FEDA Rules



FEDA Pty Ltd reg 2013/050047/07
DATES: 6- 25 May 2019

Please read carefully as these rules have been updated.


  • The festival was created for dramatic excellence and encouraging and motivating young actors and theatre practitioners – members of the television, theatre and educational world are invited to adjudicate each year.
  •  The Best Original and the Best Published play winners will automatically be in the finals together with two other plays from either the original or published .
  • The Original works also allows for adaptations of plays/books/films as it is often difficult to categorise plays specifically. Post modern works are often a pastiche of ideas and styles. However, the Published works is clearly the work of published playwrights.
  • If an original play is “inspired” by a published play, please make sure you enter the play in the correct category, depending on how “original” it still is. We are happy to advise you on this difficult matter.
  • .We try and accommodate all date requests but times do sometimes shift due to reasons beyond our control. FEDA also has the right to enter a “wild card” if the directors believe  a unique  production should be seen again and it did not make the finals.
  • Plays must be not less than 15 minutes and not more than 40 minutes, including setting up. Please keep strictly to these times or the evenings are too long. We do not like to penalise students for being overtime but your play will not be considered for the finals if you disregard these rules. It is of utmost importance you edit your productions accordingly. A production will be stopped if it goes over 45 minutes.
  • One man shows are not permitted and no professional actors are allowed to perform. Students must STILL be at school if they are performing at FEDA.
  • It is the responsibility of the school to obtain the rights of the plays that they enter. Please ensure you have contacted the necessary publishing house such as Samuel French etc to pay and receive permission to perform the play you choose. FEDA is not responsible for securing rights of plays and we will presume you have the rights to your chosen play if you enter.
  • Please also remember that this is meant to be a student festival – Educators and theatre practitioners are obviously allowed  to guide their students but we encourage students to make their own creative choices. Teachers should not take ownership of the productions and be solely in charge. We trust educators realise the importance of this platform is to demonstrate the talent of the student’s work and not the educator’s  work.
  • Theatre etiquette is of utmost importance. We expect teachers to have advised their students to be respectful of all performances and respond appropriately. Parents and audience members must NOT leave or move around during a performance and will not be let in if they are late. We reserve the right to ask somebody to leave if their behaviour is irresponsible.
  • No photography or recordings are allowed. No smoking or use of fire is allowed on stage as per legal requirements of all theatre buildings.
  • Judges give a brief oral adjudication at the end of the evening. You can contact us if you want further information and a voice note can be sent to you by the judge.
  • It is your responsibility to send the details of your production to FEDA (you will be sent a programme template) so that any certificates you win will have the correct names, spelling and details for the programmes we compile. This information MUST be in by 10 March 2019.
  • FEDA takes no responsibility for the content, language or theatrical content that schools choose to enter. We trust the Drama teachers who have the support of their Heads and schools and understand that theatre is often provocative, challenging and may sometimes offend sensitive viewers.
  • The judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into in any form at all. Judges sign confidentiality clauses with FEDA.
  • Judges will be announced once they have confirmed. FEDA prides itself on inviting the best theatre practitioners in the industry.
  • Photographs of performances are posted every night on our fedafestival face book page.


  • Please remember how privileged we are to be given expert advice on lighting and sound and treat the venue and staff with utmost respect at all times. Ntobeki Mafxwalisa is in charge on the day – his number is 0764924071. Or email Enos Ramoroko at enos@joburgtheatre.co.za
  • Please contact FEDA immediatly if anything occurs at the theatre that concerns you.
  • Please use the Hoofd street back entrance when you arrive with your sets and buses.
  • Teachers are reminded that they are in charge of back stage and actors and cannot expect the theatre staff to discipline and do artistic work for each production. Students must NEVER be left unattended in the venue.
  • Please only use the two hours for your technical rehearsal allowed in the theatre. You must arrive on time and will not be permitted to go over time if you are late as this will inconvenience the school that is after your rehearsal.
  • Please leave the dressing rooms as you find them.
  • Please clean up all your props and costumes and remove them after your show. It is not the responsibility of the theatre staff to look after belongings. Neither FEDA nor the Joburg Theatre will be held responsible for any loss during the FEDA festival.
  • You have about 5 minutes to clear the stage after your show – please make space as quickly as possible for the next production.


  • There will be a workshop for the student directors in October, November 2018 and  February  2019. Please try and attend to orientate yourself in the space. Teachers do not have to attend this workshop. All playwrights, actors, directors and stage crew are welcome. SPECIFIC DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON.
  • The theatre is “dark” on Mondays and Sundays but if we need to use it, it is available for FEDA.
  •  There is a prize for the marketing of a production on  Social Media prize donated by the I Store.
  • Ashraf Johaardien of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown has agreed to continue with the prize that was intiated last year. The wining play will offered the opportunity of  performing at the Festival in July 2018! And a prize of R5000.00 donated by the National Arts Festival.
  • A  prize of R10 000.00 will be awarded by FEDA  to the Drama department of the winning school which could be used to help fund their trip to the National Arts Festival. This prize is donated by FEDA.


  • If you enter more than one play it costs an extra R1,500.00 to the initial entrance fee of R2,500.00. You may only enter two plays in each category (ie  2 published and 2  original) unless there is available space after all entries have been  received.
  • Tickets must be purchased from the Joburg theatre web site www.joburgtheatre.com
  • Entry fees must be made to the Feda account Nedbank Benmore Gardens 1048284875.  Please send proof of payment to janet.baylis@stmary.co.za and sandilands@stjohnscollege.co.za
  • Once you have paid we will reserve a slot in the Festival for you.
  • Entrance fee must be paid by March 10  2019 – it is on a first come first in basis as there is a limit on the number of entries we can accept. We had over 56 entries last year and a waiting list so please plan ahead.
  • If you cancel your entry the fee is not refundable as the programme has been drawn up with your details.
  • Please use the programme template which will be sent to you for all your production details.


  • This is the 14th FEDA play festival and our 5th in the beautiful Fringe theatre at the Joburg theatre and we are delighted to have you join us!
  • Please also encourage your students to tweet on @fedafestival.
  • Check out the FEDAfestival Facebook Page for updates and please send photographs of your productions in rehearsal.
  • Our website has the theatre specs and information that you will need to plan your production – please make use of it.
  • Contact Janet on 0834478595 or janetbay29@gmail.com or Phillipa at sandilands@stjohnscollege.co.za  0834528038