Ok. Let’s get this straight

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August 13, 2019
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Ok. Let’s get this straight

I’ve chatted to actors, audiences, directors, theatre back stage crew and FOH managers to write this!

So this is an issue everybody is grappling with and griping about!


What is acceptable?

Actors want to engage you a d want to move you to laughter, tears, anger, remorse etc BUT do they want to hear you agree vocally in various ways from the audience? NO!!!!

No No No No No No No

It breaks the theatrical illusion they have created.


Shut up!

Listen to the story

Others around you don’t want to hear your deep appreciative mumbles of “yes!” Or “wow” or “sho!”

They came to be transported somewhere else. Like you!

And don’t say “Yes, but in Elizabethan times audiences shouted and threw rotten vegetables at the actors!”

We have moved on! This is not 1600!

If you’e sick.- it’s simple Do not come to the theatre! Stop coughing and spluttering and snorting. It’s simply annoying !

Don’t clap after a dramatic moment. Please!

This is not a rugby try or a Beyoncé concert or a club! Go to those places if you want to interact

Or audition and get on stage if you want to participate!

Do not participate vocally if you are sitting in the Audience. That is not your role!

Stop interrupting the rhythm of the show. We do not need clapping there!

Clap at THE END!

This is not difficult audiences. Can’t you get this right! As the lights fade, stand up. And CLAP

You can now clap TIL your hands are stinging and red. Yes this is your moment to be noticed!Yay!


The actors love it. And this is the moment you join together. Where you thank them. Where you appreciate what they did and how hard they worked! Ok?

And you can YELL and SHOUT. And AGREE and say YES!

That’s your cue. At the END!!

Wow. Is this honestly so hard?????

So to recap

Sit down. Don’t walk around

Don’t eat. You will survive an hour or so Chip packets should be banned in theatres. And sweet packets. Actually ALL eating. Just ban it

Shut Up




Be transported

And at the end. Clap!

Got it????????

I haven’t even mentioned cell phones. Soon theatres will have dangerous technology that electrocutes you when your phone rings in the audience !

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